Equine assisted therapy

  • Do you struggle with confidence issues on or around your horse?
  • Did you used to be a confident, competent rider and now feel you no longer know where to start?

A sudden lack of confidence may not happen overnight. If you have had a bad fall or accident then the trauma you’re experiencing may be down to that – both things that therapy can help you to overcome. 

You may not be able to put your finger on where and when your confidence changed – and therapy can help with that too.

Therapy can help you identify something else that’s going on in your world which is impacting on your precious time with your equine friend. 

My aim is to help you explore what this may be and help you find a way to work through it. 

I am a fully qualified and accredited counsellor and I also have many years’ experience as a yard manager and riding instructor.

I combine these skills to help people explore and unravel the issues then regain their confidence on and around horses.

I’m not offering riding lessons, but counselling therapy to get to the root cause of why your confidence has taken a dip.

I am a person-centred counsellor, so we go at a pace you are comfortable with to find ways of improving your time with your horse. I will travel to you, or you and your horse can come to me. 

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