COVID-19 Update

Changes, here at Golden pheasant Counselling since the outbreak of CORVID-19.

As of the 20th March, 2020, all face to face appointments have been stopped. This is working in line with advice from the Government regarding the ever evolving impact of the virus, ensuring both myself and clients are kept safe. All appointments have the option to move online.

The platform I will be using is ‘zoom’. I have chosen ‘Zoom’ as it is a free, end to end encrypted platform that can be used via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. The quality of the video calls are proving to be high, and the platform is easy to use, even for those who fear/struggle with technology!

All clients will receive a test call prior to the arranged appointment to ensure any technical glitches are ironed out, for free, and that they are comfortable to use the video call for their therapy to continue in this manner. All I require is for you to have a private, safe and confidential setting to be in whilst the sessions commence.

Why continue with therapy, or even start therapy at this point in time? 

The reasons that brought you to counselling will still be there, and in some cases feel heightened with the ever evolving impact of CORVID-19. So for this reason I encourage all wherever possible to continue their therapy journey. If you are considering starting your therapy journey then now is a good time. The majority have a lot of unusual time out of work or normal routines, and rather than getting frustrated I encourage you to put this time to good use. I feel that the weeks/months ahead can be seen as a time to work on you, to heal, to grow. 

With the daily news updates fear, uncertainty and worry is all around us. If you feel you are becoming low, feeling isolated, stressed or anxious then counselling therapy will certainly allow you to explore this and put in place some coping strategies to allow you to work through such feelings and better manage them moving forwards.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. You can do so by calling 07517 212459, emailing me at, visiting the website at or via facebook. 

For all NHS frontline staff I am offering up to 5 free sessions. These can be arranged around a flexible time table due to your shift commitments, the job you are doing compromising your own health may be having an impact on your wellbeing so I would like to offer support. The free counselling sessions are offered on a first come first served basis, around my current client bookings, as a thank you for the wonderful work you are all continuing to do.  

Please remember that the current time is not our new forever, it’s just the here and now, take care of yourself, and each other, stay safe.


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