Lockdown 2

What does that mean for the delivery of service here at Golden Pheasant Counselling?

For people who do not have a safe space at home to have online counselling, You will still be able to visit the practise here at Oakwood Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre to attend your counselling therapy appointments. The team at Oakwood and myself have gone above and beyond since re-opening in July to provide a COVID safe environment, for all who visit the practise. This includes regular and thorough cleaning routines, mask’s worn throughout all public points of the building, hand sanitising stations upon entry and throughout, temperatures taken upon arrival, individual bottles of water and packets of tissues for every client to take away with them each session, a QR code to sign in upon arrival, separate track and trace questionnaires for every session are to name just a few ways I am keeping my clients and myself as safe as possible in these troubling times.

In the last lockdown it is fair to say many can relate to a decline in mental health, and that is why I am so pleased that I can continue to provide a face to face service for those who simply don’t have the option to have counselling therapy delivered via a video call. For those who have can have counselling therapy via video call, it’s working really well, as it did in the first lockdown, and is a very beneficial option to receive support. If you are struggling in the here and now, you don’t have to do so alone. Counselling therapists like myself are still working, we are still here to help.

I have some daytime appointments available, and a small waiting list for evening appointments, so if you want to get in touch to discuss your individual therapy requirements please do so via calling 07517 212459, whattsapp, email or text. I endeavour to answer if free or will get back to you that day. So pleased to continue supporting and still be open despite entering this second lockdown. Take care of yourself, as no one can look after you as well as you can.

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